Where to Get Scrap Metal for Free

place to get free scrap metal

Where to get scrap metal for free, the magical question that all scrap metal collectors want to know.

I’m sure you already know that you can cruise up and down neighborhood streets on trash day.

However, there are those days when you don’t fill up the bed of your truck even after staying out all day.

Like you, many other scrappers on these kinds of days wonder where to get scrap metal for free instead of wasting time and gas money.

Today I want to share with you a few tips that you can use for locating free scrap metal.

The metal scrap may be free but it won’t come in the mail, you still have to do a little work.

One of the first suggestions that I have is to contact all of the local charities in your area that accept household items.

When I was younger, I once worked as an appointment scheduler for a charity in my area.

Everyday I would call 500 to 800 people to setup appointments to come out and pickup household items and clothing.

This company like most did not pickup washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, patio furniture or anything that one man could not lift.

I kid you not, 1 out of 5 calls that I made there would always be someone that asked if the charity picks up one of the things that I mentioned earlier.

Keep in mind the number of calls I made each day then multiply that by 20 because there was other people making calls as well.

Sometimes the appliance worked and a lot of the time, it didn’t. The people didn’t want money for the items they just wanted them out of their house.

What I suggest that you do is as I said contact these charities and let them know about your scrap business.

I spoke with many people that would not donate even clothes because the charity would not take all of their items.

This can be a big money situation for you and it can also be beneficial to the charities.

The charity appointment schedulers when asked about particular items the charity does not accept like old stoves and big televisions can pass along your scrap metal businesses contact information.

Wait, before you leave this article and run off in search of charities in your area to implement this idea on where to get scrap metal for free there are a couple more tips yet.

Charities have people set their stuff outside for insurance purposes.

They do this so they are not liable for in-home accidents like knocking a hole in the drywall while carrying something out of the house.

Therefore, I would advise you to get some kind of insurance or insist that the people you pickup items from have the stuff outside.

You can’t show up to people’s house in a loud, beat up truck. A lot of the neighborhoods that charities pickup items from are ritzy and no one on the block has a beater car or truck.

You need to also be thinking about first impressions so I would suggest that you invest in a new scrap recycling vehicle or trailer or at the very least, clean up your vehicle so that it is more presentable.

Don’t do this though until you secure an agreement with the charities that you want to deal with.

Once you have an agreement with various local charities, you won’t ever hurt for money again.

You will surely get swamped with phone calls, believe me, even though you think you will be able to keep up, you won’t be able too, so be sure to have your now hiring sign ready.

This is just one great example of where to get scrap metal for free. Do you have an idea that you would like to share? Send me an email and I’ll research the idea and try to put together some usable information to share.