What Parts are Gold in a Computer

what is gold in a computer

What parts are gold in a computer? Many scrap metal collectors as well as people who may have an old computer lying around often wonder what parts are gold in a computer and how they can remove the gold.

Although it is expensive, computer manufacturers use gold because it allows electrical current to flow through it better than traditional metals. No, you will not take apart your computer and be blinded by the sight of shiny gold everywhere but you will find enough gold to make the effort worthwhile.

Find points of contact in your computer because this is where gold can be found. Points of contact are what connect memory sticks, expansion cards and other stuff that connects to the jacks or the circuit board.

A paint scraper is all that is needed to scrape off gold from the edges of the items described.

Remove the motherboard from your computer. You will need a pick or a pair of good tweezers. While looking at the motherboard, you should be able to clearly see which pieces on it are made of gold. Use the tweezers or pick to remove the gold pieces from the board.

Use StripFree to scrape off gold from your CPU chip. The CPU chip’s under plate is where you should apply and use the StripFree.

The under plate of your CPU chip is where gold can be recovered. Removing the gold from the bottom of the chip is quite easy to do but using the StripFree makes the process quicker.

Take apart the entire computer and locate the pins that are within the computer. Some of them are silver but most of the pins in computers have gold on them. Simply scraping the gold off of the pins is the best way to remove the gold from the pins.

Now that you have the computer taking apart, dismantle the computer’s processor. Most computer processors have gold in them as well. When the processor is taken apart, you should be able to see which of its parts are made of gold.

Simply take out the gold parts within the processor. You should not need any tools to do this. If you do use any tools, use care, so that you do not damage your gold.

Once you have your pile of gold decide what you are going to do with it. Electronics recyclers, certain scrap yards, pawn shops and jewelry shops are willing to buy scrap gold. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to learn a little about the buying and selling prices of gold on the stock market.

Many of the companies mentioned will offer a fair buying price but it always pays to know the current value of gold.

If you decide not to sell your gold right away, why not add to the pile. I am sure that you know many people that have old non-working computers that they would be glad to get rid of.

Additionally community and local garage sales are also a good opportunity to find old computers that have gold within them. The item may cost you a few bucks but currently gold is worth more than a $1000.00 an ounce. That is definitely more than the 5 or 10 bucks that the seller wants for the old computer.

Now that you know what parts are gold in a computer please share this article with a friend who may be considering purchasing a new computer. I am sure they will be thankful for the money tip and could even use the money that they make from recycling the gold to put towards the purchase of their new computer.