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locating scrap silver and gold

Where to Find Scrap Gold and Silver

Where to find scrap gold and silver? Are you enticed by the prospects of taking your old gold and silver jewelry to a store that buys scrap gold and silver? Today, with gold selling at about $1,400 per ounce and silver selling at close to $20 per ounce, it can be very profitable to recycle […]

metal scrap recycling products

What is Scrap Metal

What is scrap metal and what is scrap metal used for? Scrap metal is considered left over’s or bits and pieces of metal that are normally thrown away. Although you may be seeing more people out in search of metal to scrap, the metal industry is not new. You see more scrappers around now because […]

place to get free scrap metal

Where to Get Scrap Metal for Free

Where to get scrap metal for free, the magical question that all scrap metal collectors want to know. I’m sure you already know that you can cruise up and down neighborhood streets on trash day. However, there are those days when you don’t fill up the bed of your truck even after staying out all […]

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Where to Scrap Metal

Knowing where to scrap metal is just as important as collecting it. In fact not knowing where to scrap metal can cut the money that you planned on making in half. Scrap metal prices are based on numerous things including the stock market. Although many scrappers don’t have a preference because they just want the […]