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CurbsideRiches101 Meet TedI am certain that you know from being an entrepreneur yourself that deciding to find a way to make a living on your own is with out a doubt a tough task.

A regular job has set hours and most of the time it only requires you to do one specific job to receive your paycheck.

However, when you decide to go into business for yourself I like you have likely discovered by now, that there are no set work hours.

In fact, following your dream of being a successful entrepreneur requires you to do the job of many people.

The worst part about this is not being paid to do 30 people’s jobs and the many days that you do not make any money at all.

It is easy to imagine that you are a rich and successful business owner that travels the world, living in a big beautiful home and driving the vehicle of your dreams.

The truth is though, many people dream big but never do anything to obtain their dreams or simply give up when the situation gets tough.

I truthfully have not completed every goal that I want to achieve in life but I am doing ok enough to be able to help entrepreneurs like you discover additional ways to make money so that you can continue to pursue your dream.

Paying your bills, keeping a roof over your head and food on the table often leaves you with very little extra money. This is why you need to get creative instead of frustrated.

While pursuing my dream, I spent many years and hours researching as well as doing side projects to earn money that I could use to invest in my business.

Curbside Riches 101 is essentially my diary of small projects that I did and continue to do to earn extra money that actually work.

Nothing that I suggest here is illegal but you will have to do some reading and pay close attention to the details that I describe.

If there is one thing that you and I both know already it’s there are no real shortcuts to success.

There are many roads that lead to success but you must be willing to take the journey. I am here to help you by sharing what I have learned.

Your friend, Ted Metcalf

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