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silver scrap value

Scrap Silver Prices Today

CSR101 scrap silver prices today. Stay up to date with the latest scrap silver prices today. Silver scrap although it is highly sought after, you will rarely find enough of it to get extremely excited about while you are out scrapping. Silver is commonly formed or molded into something such as silverware, earrings, trays or […]

lead scrap value

Scrap Lead Prices per Pound

CSR101 scrap lead prices per pound. Up to date and easy way to keep track of scrap lead prices per pound. Scrap lead comes in many forms and is used for more things than you likely thought today. It is used to make statues, batteries, work-out weights, anchors and in costume jewelry. Today with a […]

aluminum scrap value

Aluminum Scrap Price per Pound

CSR101 aluminum scrap price per pound. Current and up to date aluminum scrap price per pound quotes. Aluminum scrap is also traded on the commodities market five days a week. This type of scrap can be hard to find in large pieces unless you do home remodeling for living. Much of the aluminum scrap that […]

zinc scrap value

Zinc Scrap Price Per Pound

CSR101 zinc scrap price per pound. Stay in the know with todays zinc scrap price per pound below. Updated once a minute, you can easily keep track of what zinc scrap is being bought and selling for on the commodities market. Zinc is confused with aluminum often before it is tested with a magnet. Although […]

nickel scrap value

Nickel Scrap Metal Prices

CSR101 nickel scrap metal prices. Every 60 seconds we update our nickel scrap metal prices. Nickel scrap is often passed over or missed entirely by many scrap collectors. Unless its owner properly cares for the product containing this metal, it does not age gracefully. It is often overlooked or just considered garbage. However, it is […]

copper scrap value

Scrap Copper Prices Today

CSR101 scrap copper prices today. Here are the scrap copper prices today. Updated every 60 seconds, all day Monday through Friday. Many beginning scrappers often wonder why the scrap copper price changes all of the time. Well just like many of the popular companies today that make their company stocks available for purchase on the […]