What is Scrap Metal

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What is scrap metal and what is scrap metal used for? Scrap metal is considered left over’s or bits and pieces of metal that are normally thrown away.

Although you may be seeing more people out in search of metal to scrap, the metal industry is not new.

You see more scrappers around now because people are finally realizing how easy it is to make money recycling metal.

There are many things that you may have around the house that could be considered scrap metal as well.

So what is scrap metal? The 2 most common things that you see in the backs of scrap metal recyclers’ trucks are stoves and refrigerators.

The metal that the stove is made from is completely recyclable. The fridge on the other-hand is usually stripped of its shell and other metal components.

Other things that you may have around the house like old pots and pans are also considered scrap metal. Aluminum siding, old tire rims, microwaves, silverware, sinks, faucets, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, fences, air conditioners, copper products, air compressors, tools, patio furniture, bbq grills, computer towers, stereo receivers, gutters, metal mop or broom sticks, lawn mowers, shovels, garden tools and all car parts.

You can even scrap the aluminum lids that are on yogurt cups and if you have enough of them, most candy bars today have aluminum lined wrappers that can be sold as scrap metal as well.

As you see nearly everything made of or that contains any form of metal is considered scrap metal. Yes it is true, that people are making a high amount of money scrapping metal but they are also helping the environment as well.

If scrappers didn’t go out and collect metals, a lot of it would end up in our landfills rusting away.

Once metal companies buy the scrap from collectors, they separate it. Steel in one pile and copper in one pile and so forth. The scrap metal then goes through processing, which typically involves cleansing before it is melted down.

From this point, metal processors either use the metal to make products or it is poured into a mold that will allow it to harden in the shape of a box or roll.

When needed, metal processors will melt the metal again to make more products or they may choose to sell the metal as is. You can find more information on scrap metal at your local library.

If you don’t mind paying, I know Amazon has some used scrap metal books for a few bucks. Additionally, local scrap metal yards also have price list for each of the scrap metals that they buy. They also generally have informational brochures that contain helpful tips as well.