Common Things Made of Bronze

items made of bronze

Common things made of bronze. Bronze is a metal alloy that consists mostly of copper, with tin being the primary additive.

The term “bronze” is not very precise since there are a number of variations in the metals included in the alloy. Modern bronze is typically 88 percent copper and 12 percent tin.

The earliest examples of tin-alloy bronze date back to the 4th millennium found in some ancient sites in the Middle Eastern countries and China.

After the discovery of bronze, people had the ability to form metal objects like tools, armor and weapons that were harder and more durable than was previously possible.

In early years, the most common things made of bronze included the fittings for boats and ships.

The metal alloy is not only tough, but is resistant to salt water. The low-friction quality of bronze also made it ideal for use in the barrels of canons, allowing a cannonball to exit the barrel without sticking to the sides.

Bronze also has an attractive color and was often used to create sculptures, and it had the unusual characteristic of expanding as it hardened to fill out all the crevices of the mold.

Bronze is about 10 percent heavier than steel, but is softer and weaker.

Bronze is more resistant to metal fatigue and corrosion than steel, and is a better conductor of heat and electricity.

The most common things made of bronze in modern times are bearings, electrical connectors, springs and clips.

These parts made of bronze are tough and wear longer than similar parts made of steel.

Other common uses for bronze in the modern world are springs in small electric motors and guitar and piano strings.

Bronze is valued for its superior sustain quality, and is used to produce the lower pitched tones of the pianoforte.

Most professional quality cymbals are also made of bronze. A bronze alloy containing about 23 percent tin is referred to as bell metal, and it is used to make the best quality bells.

One more well known use of bronze is the making of medals. The three winning medals awarded at the Olympic games are gold for first place, silver for second and bronze for third place.

As you have read, bronze is used for many things. Steel and copper are not the only scrap metals that are worth money.

You can find bronze just as easily as you can find steel to scrap, you just have to pay more attention to the metals that you collect.

Many bronze items are not that big because the metal is so valuable.

Household knick-knacks are often made of it and go un-noticed because many scrappers do not think that these items are worth any money.

The common things made of bronze that I have mentioned here are not the only uses for this metal.

New items that are made of bronze pop up everyday. Now though, you at least have a better understanding of bronze and its make up.

One rule that you should always follow while out scrapping metal is never leave any metal behind. Big or small, all metal is worth money.