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How to Sell Plastic

Learning how to sell plastic has probably never crossed your mind. Why would you want to know how to sell plastic anyway is more than likely one of your thoughts right now also. I’ll tell you why in one word, money. There are companies that buy scrap plastic just like metal buyers. If the city […]

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Find Plastic Buyers

To find plastic buyers you will need access to the internet. You could also find plastic buyers by visiting your local library. They have reference books there that list major businesses by their industry like metal and plastic buyers. Since you’re already online I’ll talk about how to find plastic buyers websites. It’s pretty obvious […]

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Plastic Scrap Buyers

Plastic scrap buyers typically like the plastic scrap that you want to sell them to be separated according to their types. Below is a list of scrap plastics along with a brief description of products made with the particular plastic. This way, when you contact plastic scrap buyers you will be able to communicate what […]