How to Sell Plastic

can you sell old plasticLearning how to sell plastic has probably never crossed your mind. Why would you want to know how to sell plastic anyway is more than likely one of your thoughts right now also. I’ll tell you why in one word, money.

There are companies that buy scrap plastic just like metal buyers. If the city where you live offers curb-side recycling, you are actually setting out a box of money every trash day.

The city may pick up the scrap plastic items for free but they don’t give them away, they sell the stuff to a selection of plastic scrap buyers. This is also why they typically have a list of plastics they will and won’t accept.

You can learn how to sell plastic too, because these companies also buy scrap plastic from regular people like you and me as well.

So why isn’t everybody selling their scrap plastic? Most people don’t realize that there are companies out there that will buy scrap plastic. If everyone knew, there definitely wouldn’t be any type of plastic floating around the neighborhood, that’s for sure.

Plastic scrap buyers have been around since plastic was invented. It’s just not something you would talk about at dinner unless you worked in the field. Just like metal, there are different types of scrap plastic that is worth more than others are. Plastic buyers also pay by the pound and ton.

Before I get into telling you how to locate and contact scrap plastic buyers, I want to tell you a little bit about each of the seven most common plastics, buyers will accept.

If you haven’t seen a recycling symbol like the one’s in the picture above, find something plastic like an old grocery bag. On the bottom of the bag, you should see a number 2 with 3 arrows around it. This means the bag is recyclable and can be sold as scrap plastic.

Here’s a quick description of what each of the numbers mean. All of your scrap plastic should be separated into these categories as well before you call buyers.

Plastic buyers do not just buy bags; they buy all different kinds of old plastic. This includes all of the plastic that you often leave behind while you are out scrapping metal.

This is why I constantly say that there really is no such thing as garbage because everything is reused in some way or another. If you have saw the movie Back to The Future, there is a scene where the Doc starts throwing old food and other things that we consider waste into the car for a fuel source.

This kind of technology already exist too and soon there will be no need for you to even set the garbage cans out on the curb on trash day. Bags of garbage just like scrap metal and scrap plastic in the future will be worth money as well. It may sound like a wild concept to imagine but you probably did not think plastic could be resold for money either.

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