Plastic Scrap Buyers

companies that buy plasticPlastic scrap buyers typically like the plastic scrap that you want to sell them to be separated according to their types.

Below is a list of scrap plastics along with a brief description of products made with the particular plastic.

This way, when you contact plastic scrap buyers you will be able to communicate what types of scrap you have collected.

To keep the area clean where you intend on storing your plastic, it would be a good idea to purchase several large garbage cans or large boxes to keep the plastic stored in until you are ready to sell it.

Small rodents are attracted to the smell of rotting foods and liquids, therefore it would also be a good idea to make sure all containers, bottles and empty plastic jugs are thoroughly rinsed out with water.

scrap plastic number 1Place all of the scrap plastic with a number 1 on it in a pile. The name for this type of plastic is polyethylene terephtalate or pet for short. This type of plastic is best identified by its clarity. Water bottles and 20oz pop bottles are good examples of this type of scrap plastic.

scrap plastic number 2Separate all of the scrap plastic you have that has a number 2 on it. This type of plastic is called high density polyethylene or hdpe. You may have a lot of this kind of plastic scrap around the house. Manufacturers make things like laundry detergent bottles and other cleaning solution bottles out of this kind of plastic.

scrap plastic number 3Plastic scrap with the number 3 recycling symbol is called polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It’s widely used but one of the most common things this scrap plastic is used for is making PVC pipes. Plumbers often use PVC to connect drains on your kitchen sink.

scrap plastic number 4Low density polyethylene or ldpe will have the number 4 recycling symbol on it. A good example of this kind of scrap plastic is grocery bags. I admit to throwing out tons of this kind of plastic before I knew it was worth money. I double bag everything and in just one trip to the grocery store a month, I easily wind up with 5 to 8 lbs. of scrap plastic bags.

scrap plastic number 5Plastic seasoning bottles, ketchup and some yogurt containers are made of polypropylene or pp. You should see a number 5 on these types of scrap plastics. Other things like food storage containers and shower caps are also made of this type of plastic.

scrap plastic number 6Polystyrene or pp is best known as Styrofoam. These types of plastic will have the number 6 symbol on them. Cups, plates and packing material are the most common uses for polystyrene scrap.

scrap plastic number sevenAny scrap plastic with a number 7 on it or that says, other, is considered mixed because its make up can not be determined. Any scrap plastic that you find that does not have identifying symbols on it falls into this category as well.

In the final part of the article, I’ll briefly explain to you how to find scrap plastic buyers. They definitely don’t send advertisements to your home but they will buy scrap plastic from you and they’re closer than you think.

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