Everyday Items Made from Aluminum

hings that are made of aluminum

Everyday items made from aluminum. Found to be combined with over 270 different minerals, aluminum is one of the most abundant metals created in the Earth’s crust.

The main ore mineral that supplies aluminum is bauxite.

Since aluminum has such a low density, is lightweight and malleable, yet still contains a high ability to resist corrosion, there are many different everyday items made from aluminum.

Most aluminum is thin or alloyed with other agents such as copper, silicon and zinc to increase its level of thickness and ranges in color from a dull gray to silvery.

Combined with other minerals, aluminum is found in the kitchen of almost every home.

All the cans that contain your sodas and juices are made of aluminum, so are a few of the TV trays used for frozen meals.

You may use aluminum to cook your food, since there are pots and pans made from aluminum.

In addition, do not forget the easiest and most used thing in your kitchen that is made of aluminum, foil.

Foil used to be made out of tin, but tin leaves a metal taste on food, so aluminum replaced tin as the household foil in 1910.

Appearing all around the rest of your home are everyday items made from aluminum foil.

Your computer may have an aluminum tower to help protect the hard drives, memory cards and fans that run, those drives will additionally be protected by heat sinks that contain aluminum particles to help absorb high temperature outputs from the drives and protect the rest of your computer.

Some of your electricity may run through aluminum wiring, and if you own an old fashion TV with an antenna, there is aluminum in both.

Marketed around the world, aluminum has made its mark in homes everywhere.

Aluminum screen doors and windows are popular in nearly all homes in the US.

Moreover, every garage is bound to contain something made of aluminum from sports equipment such as baseball bats to car parts.

The majority of bicycle frames and ladders hidden in the garage are also made out of aluminum.

In addition, since aluminum is 100 percent recyclable it can be used repeatedly in everyday household objects.

Aluminum is yet another metal that should be at the top of your list while out searching for scrap metal.

You may not find a huge slab of it just lying there on the side of the road but nearly every household throws away some form of aluminum everyday.

Scrap metals like gold and aluminum are constantly overlooked by scrappers mainly because they are in a hurry to pickup as much metal as they can.

It is not always about just grabbing the metal that you readily see. Hidden in those boxes and bags are the precious scrap metals that you seek.

Now I am not advising you to just start busting open people’s garbage bags in search of precious metals.

However, there are always slow days at work for everyone. Spend a little more time sifting on these days; you will be surprised at what you can find.