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recycle electronics on your own

How Do You Recycle Electronics

How do you recycle electronics? Most people have old electronics sitting in their junk drawer. You may have two or three old cell phones that may or may not work along with an old iPods that you stashed away when the new model came out. Electronics recycling services are out there to help you out […]

what is gold in a computer

What Parts are Gold in a Computer

What parts are gold in a computer? Many scrap metal collectors as well as people who may have an old computer lying around often wonder what parts are gold in a computer and how they can remove the gold. Although it is expensive, computer manufacturers use gold because it allows electrical current to flow through […]

electronics that contain gold

Where to Find Scrap Gold in Electronics

Where to find scrap gold in electronics? These days, you can’t go very far before you see signs or commercials about buying gold. However, did you know that you can find scrap gold in your old electronic products? It’s true, electronics like computers, cell phones, or other devices all have at least a couple of […]

sell old mobile phones for cash

Where to Sell Used Phones

Determining where to sell used phones with so many services to choose from can be challenging. Most people will admit that they have a few cell phones at home that are just lying around and have never wondered if they could sell the used phones. Though you might think that you will not get much […]