Where to Find Scrap Copper Wire and Pipe

places to find copper pipe and wire

Where to find scrap copper wire and pipe? Scrap building materials can be valuable, but knowing where to find scrap copper wire and pipe can be difficult.

However, there are a variety of places where you can legally find these scraps — maybe even in or around your own home.

Once you know where to find scrap copper wire and pipe selling your scraps for cash is easy.

Construction and Remodeling Sites

Construction and remodeling sites are the easiest places to find scrap copper wire and pipe.

However, you cannot just take scrap materials that are sitting around even if the job site is closed or looks abandoned.

Legally those materials are the property of the site owner and they could press charges against you for theft if you take them.

While most large construction companies and people that own commercial sites will know that copper wire and pipe are valuable you should ask the construction foreman or owner if you can have any scraps after the project ends.

They may require you to take materials that aren’t valuable as well, so you need to consider that before agreeing to take scraps.

You’re more likely to get valuable scrap copper wire and pipe from residential sites by contacting the owner during a remodel.

Old Electronics

Old electronics, whether they are in your home or on the street are often full of scrap copper wire that can be harvested and sold.

To get copper wire out of electronics take the back or undercarriage off and locate the electronic components.

Remove the parts where copper wire is visible and cut or strip the wire from the components.

In general, the older the electronics are the better, as manufacturers stopped using as much pure copper as technology advanced.

Electrical wiring from old electronics can also produce scrap copper wire but it takes a considerable amount of time to strip the cabling and harvest a fairly small amount of copper.

Make sure electronics are not plugged in when taking them apart to avoid electric shock.


If you are able to arrange an agreement to haul away scrap from a construction site, get it in writing.

Certain states require a permit to scrap metal but the scrap yards in states that do not, may question you about numerous truckloads of scrap copper.

If you are asked, simply pull out your signed agreement from the construction foreman.

Always make sure that your load of scrap is properly secured, especially if you have long pieces of copper pipe onboard.

Just to be on the safe side of things, carry a hacksaw or other tool that you may have that is able to cut long copper pipes into manageable pieces.

Copper also regularly has sharp edges. Therefore, it would also be wise to have a pair of cut resistant gloves available when you handle copper scrap to prevent accidental cuts to your hands.

Always consider your personal safety first. Being cut by rusted scrap metal provides the same results as stepping on a rusty nail, a trip to the doctor’s office.