What Is Titanium Metal Used For

products made of titanium

What is Titanium metal used for today? Some people may wonder- what is titanium metal used for?

Discovered in 1791 by William Gregor, titanium has many interesting physical properties that are useful. It is silver in color, and is considered to be non-toxic.

Titanium is mined from rocks in the Earth’s surface. It is as strong as steel, but lighter.

Since titanium is water resistant, it would take more than 4000 years to penetrate a millimeter of its surface. But what practical applications does titanium have to offer?

So what is titanium metal used for? Using titanium metal for medical implants is a common occurrence.

Since it is bio-compatible with the human body, it can be used for things like hip replacements.

Titanium dental implants is another kind of medical usage. While it is not the same as replacing a hip socket, it remains a beneficial medical application for the material.

Having stainless steel is something many individuals take for granted. Titanium can be used for basic kitchen appliances like refrigerators and freezers.

Utilizing titanium as a material for recreational activities is common. Things like golf clubs are an especially good candidate for titanium usage.

Applying titanium to a car engine is extremely beneficial for the speed of the car. Since titanium is so lightweight it will make the entirety of the car move much quicker.

Having a car frame made out of titanium will also make a car move faster. A person with a titanium car frame benefits from having the durability of steel without the extra weight.

Utilizing titanium is not just limited to car frames. Bikes also benefit from being made with titanium.

Manipulating titanium into jewelry has become popular with recent high end designers in the fashion industry.

It is becoming stylish to incorporate titanium jewelry into an outfit for a more sophisticated look.

Employing silverware made of titanium while traveling is very useful. Having a titanium fork, spoon, or knife is better since it is not as heavy as traditional silverware.

Adopting titanium into modern architecture is a recent innovation in design. It can be warped into intricate patterns to create more visual interest in the building.

The things that I have mentioned thus far are just several examples of things Titanium is used for today.

This should also give you a clue as to what to look for if you are a scrapper in need of this metal’s scrap value.

If you come across any Titanium, make every effort to secure it for yourself. It is a highly valuable metal and many people do not even know that they are throwing away hundreds of dollars of it.

Many people do not like scrappers but it is really the dishonest scrappers that are really the problem.

People that scrap metal cut down on the huge percentage of metal that reaches our landfills.

Rusted out metal that is in the ground and landfills cause many environmental issues.

Additionally, depending on how old you are, you may remember seeing metal discards laying all over the place for days on end.

Now you don’t and many neighborhoods that had to deal with these eye-sores are glad to see scrappers on garbage day.