Products Made from Recycled Steel

things made out of recycled steelProducts made from recycled steel. It is estimated that in the USA 85% to 90% of the steel used today is recycled.

Now more than 95% of the steel in the junk yards is being recycled.

Yes that sounds impossible.

It refers to the amount of long term junked steel that is now being shredded for recycling.

Virtually all of the scrap steel being discarded annually is being recycled and older scrap is now in demand.

Below, I’ll describe some products made from recycled steel as well as teach you about some key points that you should know about recycled steel.

Two processes are used in the USA to make steel.

The basic oxygen furnace (BOF) uses 25% to 35% scrap to make new steel.

The electric arc furnace(EAF) uses all scrap steel to manufacture recycled steel.

BOF’s make up 40% of US steel manufacturing while EAF’s make up 60% of the total steel manufacturing in the US.

Look around and everywhere that the eye can see are products made from recycled steel.

What is made from recycled steel? Household appliances, for example, are always made with recycled steel.

Even the ones that have plastic housings have recycled steel in the motor. About 90% of discarded appliances are recycled. Nearly all automobiles are recycled today in America.

The leading improvement in automotive manufacturing is the increasing use of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS).

These new steel products have excellent ratings despite (or perhaps due to) their scrap content. These materials may derive strength in part from reprocessing.

Large buildings and residential construction rely on steel. Today recycled steel is used in even more ways than in previous years. Today homes may be framed with steel instead of wood.

Roofing that resembles shingles or clay tile are in fact made from steel. Entire single story buildings can be well built structures made from steel.

Highway project materials like culverts are made of corrugated steel. Tanks for water and fuel as well as the pipes that carry oil or water are made from steel.

The superior performance of steel utility poles make them cheaper than wooden utility poles over their lifespan.

The new steel is indeed everywhere. Products made from recycled steel are in most of our homes and places of business.

As you see, while many businesses are failing and are still closing the doors, the scrap metal that you and many other scrappers collect is in high demand.

In fact, most of the scrap yards that you visit are having trouble keeping up with the demand for more scrap metal.

The job may seem and appear tough however; scrapping metal is easier than the local paperboy’s job.

I recommend selling scrap metal to everyone, even other friends that have a steady job.

Hey, it’s free money, I already paid for it, used it and if a scrap yard wants to buy metal products back from me, I’ll gladly skip waiting and hoping items sell at my annual garage sale.

Where else in the whole wide world can you find free money sitting on the curb? I thought the whole idea was crazy too, until I felt the cash in my hand.