Where to Find Scrap Gold in Electronics

electronics that contain goldWhere to find scrap gold in electronics? These days, you can’t go very far before you see signs or commercials about buying gold.

However, did you know that you can find scrap gold in your old electronic products?

It’s true, electronics like computers, cell phones, or other devices all have at least a couple of grams of gold and other precious metals in their components.

Where to find scrap electronics with gold in them.

It’s not hard to find old computers or cell phones and many people may be happy to just give you theirs or you may be able to find them in junk yards or advertise that you buy old electronics or will recycle them for a small fee.

The parts of the products that have the scrap gold in them are things like gold bonding wires, electroplating, film, the mother board of computers, relays, RAM, memory cards, switches, connectors, semi-conductors, transistors, SIMS, processors, and more.

Separate this gold and then you need to contact a gold processing company. You will be required to ship out the gold to the place that is going to buy the gold.

You could alternatively, take it to a local place, such as a pawn or jewelry shop that buys gold.

It’s important to be able to separate the gold from the rest of the components so you won’t be charged to do it when you turn it in.

Sometimes it is difficult to redeem the gold you find in electronics since different companies may use different ways to process it.

The components must be broken down to get the gold and this involves some labor and that can cause you to make less money.

What Electronics Have Gold in Them

You can find at least a couple of grams of gold in electronics like cell phones, calculators, GPS devices, PDAs, and other similar devices.

On average, for instance, a common cell phone may have about 20 bucks or more of gold in them that can be scrapped.

Yes, that does not sound like much but I am basing the amount on the cheapest, worst phone ever not top of the line phones.

People throw away billions of cell phones every year so if you could just collect a small portion of that then you could make a lot of cash scrapping them for gold.

With gold currently running more than $1,300 an ounce at press time, even a few ounces of gold will net you a good sum of money for your efforts.

Now, hopefully, you’ll know where to find scrap gold in electronics.

Bet you did not realize that so many things contained gold. They are all things that people also throw into the trash thinking that they are not worth anything.

The gold from 25 to 30 computer towers can easily provide two months salary to the average person.

The mass majority of people do not know that their computer or cell phone has gold within it but now you do and the possible money that you can make scrapping gold just got larger.

There are many people that are still struggling to find work today. I hope that this article’s information and tips can provide a way for you to make a few ends meet.

An additional tip, many local communities have shred days and computer/electronic disposal days. Check with your community coordinators of the event to see if your company can be apart of the computer and electronics disposal program. This is an excellent way to get your hands on hundreds of electronics that you can disassemble and sell as scrap metal.