Where to Find Scrap Gold and Silver

locating scrap silver and gold

Where to find scrap gold and silver? Are you enticed by the prospects of taking your old gold and silver jewelry to a store that buys scrap gold and silver?

Today, with gold selling at about $1,400 per ounce and silver selling at close to $20 per ounce, it can be very profitable to recycle those precious metals into cash.

You probably already know that some of your jewelry may contain gold or silver, but there are other places to look for scrap gold and silver.

Determining where to find scrap gold and silver. Encouraged by the several hundred dollars you just received for a few broken gold chains and a single gold earring, you might want to know other sources where you can find scrap gold and silver.

Any scrap metal search requires some effort. Once you have exhausted the jewelry box and ruled out removing your gold tooth, you will need to make a greater effort to find the hidden treasure.

If you want to know where to find scrap gold and silver, start by looking around your home.

Scrap metal buyers will not offer you any money for silver plated items, but they will pay for Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver is more than 90 percent pure and has a value that is more than the cost of melting down and processing the particular item.

You may have a tea service or a set of knives, spoons and forks that are made of Sterling Silver.

Old computers, cell phones and electronic equipment often contain salvageable amounts of gold and silver.

Before you discard your old computer, you can take it apart and harvest some gold and silver scraps.

Considering the price of these precious metals, it only takes a few grams to make your deconstruction efforts worthwhile.

Among the places where you will find the most gold or silver is the cpu or brains of the computer.

It uses the malleable metal because it is easy to work with and is also one of the best electrical conductors in the world. Look for gold wires and gold plated connecting pins.

Finding hidden gold and silver is exciting. While the job of salvaging this treasure can be time consuming, it can also be quite rewarding.

To always assure that you get the best price for your gold and silver scrap it would be wise to contact more than one buyer.

Every gold and scrap silver buyer would love to get their hands on your scraps, just be sure that you are getting the best price.

Call or stop by scrap buyers locations of business after you have already checked out today’s buying prices.

The gold as well as silver buying prices change all day, five days a week. Knowing the prices can help you make even more money.

It would also be wise to do a little more research on gold. If you plan to sell gold, you need to know the difference between 10 and 24 karat gold.

Jewelry stores often have them but you can find low cost gold and silver testing kits on Amazon.

These kits are the same gold testing kits that scrap yards, jewelry store and pawn shops have already. Knowing what you have protects you from being ripped off.