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items made out of zinc

What are Some Important Uses for Zinc

What are some important uses for zinc? Zinc although you may only hear it referred to as a dietary supplement is actually a very important metal that is used to manufacture many products that we use today. Without zinc, we would not have brass, which is combined with copper to make brass. Many scrappers often […]

items made of nickel silver

What is Nickel Silver Used For

What is nickel silver used for today? Nickel silver contains no actual silver, but is a compilation of nickel, zinc and copper alloy. Also called German silver, nickel brass and Argentan, it contains approximately 10-25% nickel, 17-40% zinc and copper alloy. In some instances, this alloy can have silver plating. What is nickel silver used […]

products made of titanium

What Is Titanium Metal Used For

What is Titanium metal used for today? Some people may wonder- what is titanium metal used for? Discovered in 1791 by William Gregor, titanium has many interesting physical properties that are useful. It is silver in color, and is considered to be non-toxic. Titanium is mined from rocks in the Earth’s surface. It is as […]