Where to Scrap Metal

scrap metal buyers yard

Knowing where to scrap metal is just as important as collecting it. In fact not knowing where to scrap metal can cut the money that you planned on making in half.

Scrap metal prices are based on numerous things including the stock market. Although many scrappers don’t have a preference because they just want the cash, there are however, scrap yards that pay more for metal than others do.

You can try asking a fellow scrapper that you see which of the local scrap yards pay the most money but as anyone protecting their income source, you’ll probably get the runaround. Here are some easy ways for you to find out where to scrap your metal for the best price on your own.

It’s obvious that scrap metal yards aren’t on every corner that you see like fast food businesses. This is because they need a rather large area of land to be able to stock pile various scrap metals until they are ready to process them.

You see scrappers at all times because some scrap yards are so busy that they do business 7 days a week.

Finding scrap metal buyers is not that hard to do today thanks to the internet. The main reason why you should know where multiple scrap buyers are is to save you money while making money. As a scrapper the most important and expensive thing that you need to run your business is gasoline.

The more gas that you burn up driving around, the more your profits in the bed of the truck burn up as well. The object of the game is to locate scrap metal buyers across the route that you travel when collecting scrap metal.

You should not be driving 50 miles back to a single scrap yard unless you know that they are offering double the price for scrap.

If you travel quite far while scrapping, as I said, you need to know where all of your local scrap buyers are located. Scrappers are known to fill up their trucks 3 sometimes 5 times a day while out collecting. However to be able to do this yourself and make a profit, you must know where scrap yards are located.

Open the web browser on your phone, tablet or computer. Rather than typing in generic search terms like, scrap metal or copper scrap; follow the example below.

If you live in Wisconsin type the following into your search bar:

Scrap metal buyers in Wisconsin – performing a search this way will bring up all of the scrap metal buyers in your state.

Let’s say you want to narrow your search so that it only gives you results for scrap buyers closest to your city. Type the following into the search bar:

Scrap metal buyers Green Bay Wisconsin – this will produce results for your city and typically the immediate surrounding cities as well.

Once you get your search results, write down the contact information for each of the scrap yards. More importantly, if you used Google, it will also show a little map with each of the scrap yards marked on it. Click the map link so that the map opens on its own page.

Print the map and put it in a sheet protector or have it laminated. Keep the map that shows the locations of the scrap metal buyers with you while you’re out collecting scrap. After using the map for a while, you’ll memorize the locations and always know where to scrap metal.