Paying your bills, keeping a roof over your head and food on the table often leaves you with very little extra money. This is why you need to get creative instead of frustrated.

gold scrap value

Price of Scrap Gold Today

CSR101 price of scrap gold today. Up to the minute updates on the price of scrap gold today. Rather you find it in the dirt or inside of today’s technology, gold scrap is every treasure hunters and scrappers dream find. Although gold is admired for its beauty, this precious metal is highly sought after by […]

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platinum scrap value

Platinum Scrap Prices

CSR101 platinum scrap prices. Up to the minute, Monday through Friday platinum scrap prices. Commonly confused with silver, platinum is a precious metal that is worth more than gold. It’s found in the jewelry, dental and health industries. Platinum scrap is more sought after today by homeowners desiring silver colored furnishings that do not have […]

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place to get free scrap metal

Where to Get Scrap Metal for Free

Where to get scrap metal for free, the magical question that all scrap metal collectors want to know. I’m sure you already know that you can cruise up and down neighborhood streets on trash day. However, there are those days when you don’t fill up the bed of your truck even after staying out all […]

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scrap metal buyers yard

Where to Scrap Metal

Knowing where to scrap metal is just as important as collecting it. In fact not knowing where to scrap metal can cut the money that you planned on making in half. Scrap metal prices are based on numerous things including the stock market. Although many scrappers don’t have a preference because they just want the […]

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people who buy plastic scrap

Find Plastic Buyers

To find plastic buyers you will need access to the internet. You could also find plastic buyers by visiting your local library. They have reference books there that list major businesses by their industry like metal and plastic buyers. Since you’re already online I’ll talk about how to find plastic buyers websites. It’s pretty obvious […]

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companies that buy plastic

Plastic Scrap Buyers

Plastic scrap buyers typically like the plastic scrap that you want to sell them to be separated according to their types. Below is a list of scrap plastics along with a brief description of products made with the particular plastic. This way, when you contact plastic scrap buyers you will be able to communicate what […]

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