How Do You Recycle Electronics

recycle electronics on your own

How do you recycle electronics? Most people have old electronics sitting in their junk drawer.

You may have two or three old cell phones that may or may not work along with an old iPods that you stashed away when the new model came out.

Electronics recycling services are out there to help you out with this situation so that you can get rid of your old electronics responsibly and continue to buy the latest and greatest.

Prepare your items before starting the recycling process. You need to make sure that any data on your scrap electronics is erased.

This means your iPod shouldn’t have your iTunes information on it and your computer certainly shouldn’t have any personally identifiable information on it.

This could be dangerous and could lead to identity theft in many ways.

A number of computer recycling services will do this for free, however, it’s always recommended that you take care of it so that you know the information is gone for good.

So how do you recycle electronics? Find the right electronic recycling services for the job. You can’t just bring any old scrap electronics into any store and expect them to take it.

There are many dedicated electronics recycling services but let’s assume you only want to get rid of your old computer or iPod.

There are many options out there for you. Best Buy will take cell phones, ink-jet cartridges, and even rechargeable batteries at no cost to be disposed of.

If you are looking for something else to recycle than most Office Depot’s can accommodate you.

They have small medium and large boxes that you can purchase for around $5-$15 and they will recycle anything you put inside of it.

As long as the lid closes, they will take care of it. This is a very cheap option compared to other computer recycling services for those of us, who only need to get rid of a few things from around their house.

Recycle without the costs associated with it. If you are wondering why places want you to pay them to take away your almost new but outdated iPod then you might be looking for a different method.

The definition of recycling is to make an old item into a usable new one.

Reusing and or re-gifting is exactly what recycling is and doesn’t cost you a dime unlike other electronics recycling services.

Making a quick post on Craigslist will net you a lot of interested people who would love to take your old electronics off your hands and might even pay you a couple bucks for the pleasure.

Some items won’t sell because nobody wants them, those are the times you need to pay to have it taken away, but there are people who don’t mind older models of iPods or computers and would love to use it themselves.

Ridding yourself of your old scrap electronics has never been easier. You have plenty of options with some of them netting you some cash as well.

Consider your options well when searching for computer recycling services because there are a lot of choices out there.

Just make sure that you remove all personal data from your devices first.

I noticed the other day when I was at the mall, a group of people standing around a vending machine. This machine allows people to insert their old cell phones into it and receive money.

The only other alternative as I mentioned in another post is to strip the electronic item down and sell its metal parts as scrap.