Common Things Made of Brass

items made out of brass

Common things made of brass. Brass is an alloy metal, this means that it is a metal made up of varying mixtures of other metals.

To make brass manufactures use a combination of copper and zinc.

Its color is very similar to gold so it is desirable to use as an alternative to more expensive metals for aesthetic purposes and it is highly malleable so it can be formed into shapes that many other metals can’t.

These qualities make it a uniquely versatile metal, and because of that, there are many common things made of brass.

There are many decorative uses for brass. Brass bed frames, including the headboard and foot board, have been popular for centuries.

Light fixtures are commonly made of brass. Telescopes are often partially or completely covered in brass. A lot of jewelry is made with brass.

The brass may show or it may be plated with a precious metal to look like a more expensive metal while having the other characteristics of brass.

In our homes, this beautiful metal is often used for kitchen and bathroom faucets. It also greets us on the front doors of many homes.

Door knobs, door hinges, and locks are also common things made of brass.

The less glamorous practical uses for brass are just as variable. Bullets and their casings are made of brass.

Many valves and pipe fittings in the plumbing of our homes and businesses are also made with this important metal.

The zippers on our jeans, jackets, dresses, and backpacks are commonly made of brass. In addition, office products such as thumbtacks are usually made of brass.

Brass also has great acoustic qualities, which makes it perfect for musical uses. Many musical instruments are made of brass for the sound and its malleability.

The shape of the instruments are crucial to their sound. If they weren’t able to be formed into exactly the shape they are, they wouldn’t work properly.

There are so many common things made of brass. It seems we use this beautiful and useful metal all the time.

Brass is in our clothing, plumbing, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, weapons, in our schools, and on our bodies. It is really a huge part of our lives.

If you visit the range often to practice hitting that bullseye, take a look around the floor area. Each and every one of those shells is worth money and are likely made of brass.

Ask the owner of the range for permission to come in and clean up the area at the end of the day.

You could easily walk away with 2 or more 5 gallon buckets of brass. Now that is the easiest way to find brass and I hope that you take full advantage of the opportunity because there are many ranges starting to open up all across town.

Share this article with a friend. Did you know that many artists use brass within their artwork and some people just collect and sell it as brass scrap? Either way this beautiful metal gets used and reused again and again.